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Deloitte Critical Thinking Test Preparation:

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Started uni this year? Go to first unread. Skip to page:. Useful links: 1 5 10 Report Thread starter 3 years ago 1. I had two interviews for Deloitte, the first was with a previous graduate and the second was with one of the partners. The first interview was mainly competency based and lasted around an hour, with roughly 5 questions being asked.

The questions centered around commercial awareness, leadership skills, teamwork skills, problem solving skills and achievements. Each question was followed by a few smaller questions relating to my previous answer and were quite probing. I passed the first interview and then attended the partner interview which was much more intense.

This involved a presentation revolving around the changes being made in the accounting industry which I found very challenging! I could tell my interviewer had strong opinions on the topic and so I thought it was quite difficult to please him. I also had a few more competency based questions, as well as questions regarding my motivation for the job and hopes for my career. The presentation was the most difficult part as I found it difficult to find information beforehand that I could talk about confidently.

Make sure presentation is well prepared and that you have some fairly recent examples for your competency based questions- a few of mine were examples from high school and this was part of my feedback. Commercial awareness is also a big factor! Initially three sets of psychometric test were completed which took around 2 hours.

I was then invited to an E-Tray day where two tasks, one including fictitious emails and another including a business case study, were completed. Next I was invited to an assessment centre which contained a task reviewing a potential client and an interview with a senior manager. Current thoughts on a specific client undertaking which I hadn't reviewed. Massive amounts of research on the current clients of the firm. Presentation and a group task giving pitches on a potential client, followed by an interview with a senior.

Deloitte Numerical Reasoning Test

First I was sent a numerical and verbal reasoning test to complete. After I passed these I was invited to a first stage interview with one of the Manager's at the firm. I was asked to talk about myself and talk through my CV, which I did in a summary type thing. Then I was asked some competency questions like 'Describe a time when you have worked in a team - what challenges did you face how did you overcome them?

It's not too difficult, you only get a bulk of the information on the day and the questions are based around the info that's all there along with a bit of common sense. Do your research - with big firms especially there are so many people who have been in the boat before and there is a range of experiences you can draw from to get a feel of what types of questions they will ask you.

Also I would come across very confident and relaxed. I find that when I don't put pressure on myself about getting the job or not I do much better. I'm not saying that you should come across as if you don't care but if in your head you are relaxed, they'll see that come through rather than someone who gets nervous or stressed too easily.

I applied to the fast track option for Deloitte which was an intensive 3 step process taking place over 1 week.


Darden MBA Team Wins Deloitte Case Competition

The interview contained questions testing competencies in areas such as teamwork, leadership and knowledge of the market I would point out that the presentation on the previous day actually gave advice on what they were looking for. If you are invited to take an online verbal test, you will have to achieve a minimum score before being selected to progress to the next round in the recruitment process.

After you have passed this initial sifting stage you are likely to be assessed further in a number of ways including work simulations for example role play exercise, in-tray exercise, case study exercise. You may also be asked to take a second verbal reasoning test. This second test is to verify that the score you achieved online was in fact achieved by you and not someone else.