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You just need the scaffolded, step-by-s. Research , Projects , Service Learning. AP Lang. I will post samples of what completed rubric and highlighted essay looks like soon! By popular demand, I added a 2nd version of the rubric th. Worksheets , Handouts , Rubrics. Argumentative Essay Rubric. By popular demand, I added a 2nd rubric that flip flops t. Reflective Essay - What does it mean to be American? This includes a writing prompt and directions for completing a reflection essay on the topic - What does it mean to be American?

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It also includes a sample essay and an editable rubric in. English Language Arts , U. History , Writing. Lesson Plans Individual , Rubrics. Bilingual Essay Rubric for Partner Reflection. This file contains a bilingual essay rubric that writers can use to reflect on their own writing and when reading their partners essays.

That's not all! Writing partners can be teachers and writing feedback to their partners so that they can reflect on what they need to work on and create new writi. Handouts , Printables , Rubrics. Help your students understand the structure of a quality in-class essay. First page is applicable to any English class. Pages two and three are geared toward AP Literature. Page 1: Peer evaluation with 13 essay elements. Page 2: AP Literature question 2 essay comparison handout. Page 3: AP Literatu.

English Language Arts , Literature , Writing. Handouts , Rubrics. Four standard English rubrics to mark an essay, journal, reflection, research presentation and poetry analysis. Meets Ontario Ministry of Education inspection. Not Grade Specific. Assessment , Professional Documents , Rubrics. Struggle no more with grading student writing. This rubric is easy to use. Students and parents can easily look at the rubric to identify strengths and weaknesses. Can be used with lots of writing types Assessment , Rubrics.

We want them to be able to perform science-y things. We want them to conduct experiments on their own and build and test different scientific models.

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Science , Writing-Essays , Close Reading. Activities , Homework , Science Centers. As teachers, we know that metacognition is essential if students are to continue growing academically. It's essential for all of us. In this bundle, I've included a metacognitive reflection essay assignment that I've used both in the middle of the school year as well as at the end of the school year. Homeschool Curricula , Assessment , Rubrics. Debate reflective essay. This assignment is useful as a summation activity after students have completed a debate unit.

It has the student reflect upon how the three rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos are utilized in a debate. The essay also has them respond to how their own debates went, with opportunities f. English Language Arts , Writing-Essays.

Assessment , Homework , Rubrics. It's tough to be objective when you're grading essays.

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These rubrics give you and your students a consistent framework. No more "guess what the teacher wants this time" for students! These essay rubrics take the mystery out of how to write top-level essays by describing exactly what's expected in so. This grid style rubric already has comments so you don't have to - simply mark the level of achievement and write the points. Great for making grading faster without losing quality.

Handouts , Assessment , Rubrics. This short reflective essay is a great alternative to a literary analysis essay.

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