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Can a cannabis high help to remember long gone events, to fuel your imagination, to work creatively, to come to introspective and other insights, to empathically understand others, and to personally grow? And how much did the marijuana high positively transfom our society? The essays summarize more than ten years of Marincolos research and are written for a wide audience. This deep new exploration of the marijuana high as an altered state of consiousness addresses educated marijuana users and their relatives, medical cannabis professionals and patients, as well as neuroscientists, psychologists, and philosophers interested in the subject of altered states of consciousness.

Buy the book here. A few days ago, I flew from my production in L. We had known each other for more than eight years now, but never met in person before. And what a lovely meeting it was with him and his wife Betsy! Betsy had just read my new book and loved it.

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Lester and I talked for hours and he w as delighted to hear about my recent experiences and meetings with cannabis patients and so many others from the cannabis world in Colorado and L. Lester had been the first doctor to recommend medical marijuana to parents of autistic children several years ago. We then moved on and used his Volcano, and then Lester and Betsy invited me to a lovely dinner.

Lester told me this time how he was called as an expert witness to help John Lennon. The U.


The judge asked Lester whether marijuana and hashish were the same thing; Lester denied that hashish comes from the same plant, but is of course an extract. Thanks for the amazing day and the wonderful dinner, Betsy and Lester! I hope we can meet again soon!

For more information and registration, see www. Come join dynamic, internationally respected cannabis researcher and author, Dr. Marincolo has published articles and books on neuro-philosophy, altered states, and the positive potential of the cannabis high. His unique lens — of scientific acumen and personal observations — will expand your understanding of the full spectrum of what cannabis can offer through teaching sessions, guided cannabis journeys and stimulating discussions. Attend one, or both, of these illuminating and potentially life-changing workshops. Which, by the way, is something a high can bring back, too.

Sebastian Marincolo. High quality cannabis strains can offer cognitive, creative, and spiritual benefits ranging from increased memory and empathy to faster pattern recognition and enhanced creativity. In this workshop, come learn how cannabis can help you imagine — and take action on — new possibilities; understand, and avoid, sabotaging behaviors; and discover insights into your purpose; who you can be at your finest, and how to use cannabis as a tool to further your personal growth. My son David would put it on and say, "Dad, you ought to get your head out of the Baroque and listen to the Beatles.

Until that night, under the influence of marijuana, when I heard the Beatles for the first time. And it was like an auditory implosion. I couldn't believe it. He was the same wonderful person, only definitely more relaxed. He had a great sense of humor, which really came out. He loved to smoke a joint before we went out to dinner, to stimulate his appetite.

And he was always eloquent—could speak spontaneously like no other person I've ever known. We always had fun when we got stoned, and we had such wonderful discussions. It was exciting to smoke with Carl. He was also the hardest working individual I've ever met. When people try to say that marijuana will make you less productive, or lazy, and so forth, I always think of him. He was constantly working, in a sense. Using marijuana as a creative stimulant.

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He felt he got more ideas while stoned, and also understood that you have to reevaluate them when you're not stoned. I observed him using that method a lot.

One time, Carl and his wife were visiting us on Cape Cod. I was taking their son out fishing, and Carl wanted to stay behind and walk around a lonely beach at low tide. Well, I could see from the boat that he was having a smoke, and then he just started pacing along talking into his brand new voice recorder. Before that, he used to jot a note on the back of an envelope. Anything to get his stoned thoughts down, so he could review them at a later time.

That he found cannabis so very useful in his work was really a lesson to me. In time, I learned to use it the same way. Especially when I could get my hands on the good stuff. I would get these gifts of marijuana occasionally from California, always completely anonymously. Some kind souls would put a dozen joints or a baggie of weed in a small cardboard box, then stuff it with newspaper and add a stone to give it weight.

One night my wife and I were going to meet Carl and his wife for dinner, and I brought along two joints of some brand new stuff I'd gotten called sinsemillia. Well, Carl just loved it. At the end of the night, he knew I'd brought two joints and we'd only smoked one of them, so he said, "Lester, I hate to do this, but could I ask you to give me that second joint? I have to finish writing a chapter tomorrow, and I'd love to have that. So naturally I gave it to him.

That was the moment I began to realize that in addition to medicine and recreation, cannabis can benefit people through enhancement of certain human potentials.

Carl Sagan Archives - HIGH PERSPECTIVES

Not at all. This was a very small group of people. Carl would never light up unless he knew everybody in the room. As much as he loved marijuana, he was always very concerned about people finding out. For instance, one of the early pieces I wrote on the subject appeared in The New York Times Magazine , and in it I said something to the effect, "People have the idea that only these hirsute young hippie kids use marijuana, but in fact a lot of ordinary and even extraordinary people smoke it, including professionals.

Well, in that list I included astronomers. And when that came out, it was the only time Carl ever expressed any anger towards me. Because he thought mentioning astronomers would give him away based on our friendship. Another time, we went on a cruise to the South Pacific to see Halley's Comet.

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I smuggled about an ounce of marijuana on board, and we had a wonderful time. Carl had the top cabin on the ship, including a deck where we could sit and smoke and talk and eat—for hours on end—while watching the beautiful cloud formations over the Pacific. When the cruise was over, we still had some marijuana left.

I didn't want to go through Customs with it, so I told Carl that I was going to toss it down a companionway I had noticed was marked "Crew Only," trusting that it would be enjoyed among the mates. But he asked me not to, because we might somehow be found out.

So we weighed the baggie down with one of those old glass ashtrays, and tossed it overboard. I hated to let this precious stuff go down to the bottom of the sea, and didn't really see how we could ever have gotten caught passing it along, but I had to respect Carl's objection. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads.

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