November sat essay prompt 2011

October edited November Post edited by findavincent on November October Don't make up a book, title, and author. I did it on my last essay, and got an 8. Not very good I know, but it's okay, considering that the other example was pure crap, and the "genuine" example was made-up. I got 10's on both of my essays.

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I made up 2 personal experiences on one of them and on my 2nd time, I made up a random artist's name as well as this made up artists' works. You can make up anything as long as it supports what you're trying to say. The SAT cannot punish you for made up examples because it is a standardized test.

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  7. If they fact check one, they have to fact check all. Look at it from the ETS's perspective. They just can't go around random fact checking peolpe. The Leaves of Time by Rita Fletcher lol. JefferyJung replies 24 threads Registered User Member. I saw this on another thread and thought this was hilarious. Of Veterans Affairs, I'm a private math and physics tutor in the Basking Ridge, NJ area.

    I specialize in ACT math, pre-calculus and calculus, and physics. If you need extra help, or you would like to improve your test scores, or you have comments or suggestions, you can find me ErikTheRedTutor on Twitter. Neither company sponsors nor endorses this web site.

    Not that such sponsorship wouldn't be nice to have. Yet, I toil on, producing all this free stuff. Does anyone actually read this tiny text? This page was last updated on: The test, officially called the "Princeton Psychological Examination", owed much of its content to the Army Alpha test and other contemporary intelligence examinations. Questions are from the SAT, form A1. Practice samples are from the SAT practice test. Origin 1 Definitions 30 9 A minor revision of sub-test 1 of the Princeton Test. Stone at Dartmouth College.

    Each question was worth from three to six points, for 74 points total. Two items in this sub-test were not scored. Stone at Dartmouth College, this type of question was widely used in other tests, including the Army Alpha test 6. Rogers at Smith College. Chapman's work in elementary school tests. Original ACT Logo. Given triangle PQR, can the size of angle P be determined? For a visual depiction of the data, see the chart. This history is too SAT oriented. I need a little more ACT-bell! SAT Math. The arithmetic portion of Harvard's entrance exam can be seen here.

    The corresponding portion of MIT's exam can be seen here. These portions of the two tests are quite different in difficulty. The content of the tests varies widely and can be highly dependent on the interests of the faculty conducting the exams. It is not unusual for a college to administer exams on campus a week or two before classes begin. As an alternative to testing, many colleges, especially in the midwestern U. By , however, inspections are infrequent and college faculty are often not present. The College Entrance Examination Board or "College Board" is founded in December, consisting of a non-profit membership of twelve colleges and universities.

    The membership is comprised mostly of elite institutions in the northeastern U. The founders are worried that the lack of uniform admissions testing and the certificate system places too much control of college admissions with the high schools. Also, the certificate system is thought to be conducing students away from the northeastern colleges.

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    The purpose of the Board is primarily to administer annual examinations in a variety of subjects thought to be important for college-level work. The members of the Board could then use the test scores however they chose. The "College Boards" are administered in June for the first time to fewer than students.

    The essay tests, which require five days to complete, are curriculum-based achievement exams, designed to assess a student's mastery of nine subjects, including Greek, Latin, and physics. For the price of ten cents, an examinee could find out from the College Board, before taking the test, the area of knowledge that each subject test would focus on.

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    For example, the student could learn that this year's Greek test would cover the first three books of Homer's Iliad. Scoring is done by hand and consists of five ratings for each subject, from "Excellent" to "Very Poor", with "Doubtful" in the middle. An intelligence test developed by Robert Yerkes and other psychologists is administered to more than 1. Army recruits. The test, called the Army "Alpha" exam, uses multiple-choice questions invented two years prior and is designed to help the Army make rapid placement decisions for prospective soldiers entering World War I.

    Columbia University begins allowing prospective students to substitute the results of an intelligence test the Thorndike test for "Mental Alertness" for its regular entrance exams. By this time, about 20, prospective freshmen take the College Board's exams each year. However, this figure represents only about 10 percent of the number of students entering college in the U.

    Most colleges continue either to admit by certificate or use their own entrance exams. In April, the College Board appoints a commission, headed by Carl Brigham, to develop a new test designed to measure general intelligence.

    Carl Brigham, a psychologist who helped to develop aptitude tests for the U. Army during World War I, is influential in the development of the test. The SAT is considered a "new psychological test" and a supplement to, but not a replacement of, the existing College Boards. Due to the completely different nature of the SAT compared to the boards, all students are required to take a practice test before the actual SAT sample questions below. Five of the nine scored sub-tests of the first SAT are taken directly or with minor revisions from Brigham's "Princeton Psychological Examination", which itself was derived from the Army Alpha intelligence tests.

    Unlike the College Boards, the SAT administered in June is designed primarily to assess aptitude for learning rather than mastery of subjects already learned. For some college officials, an aptitude test, which is presumed to measure intelligence, is appealing since at this time intelligence and ethnic origin are thought to be connected, and therefore the results of such a test could be used to limit the admissions of particularly undesirable ethnicities.

    The test is designed to assess ability independently of any particular secondary school curriculum, which has a more mainstream appeal: college admissions testing via the SAT is uniformly applicable across a wide range of high school students, and the test is firmly in the control of college officials. The instructions for the test include the following: The pencil is preferable to the fountain pen for use in this sort of test.

    The mandatory practice test given to students taking the SAT includes the following six-choice antonym question there are six possible pairs of numbers as answers : Which two of the following four words are opposite or nearly the opposite: 1 obedient; 2 sincere; 3 dissembling; 4 torpid. An example of a "classification" question is below there are twenty possible answers : Which three of the following words are most closely related?

    See the table below for details of the content of the first SAT. Except for the years to , analogies will be used on the SAT until Each analogy question asks the student to identify a pair of words with the same relationship as a given pair of words. An example from the SAT reads: Epilepsy is to carpenter as stuttering is to: 1 tongue; 2 minister; 3 cure; 4 stammering; 5 fluttering.

    A typical "number series" math question on the SAT asks the student to complete the sequence given by filling in two numbers at the end. Other math questions are open-ended arithmetic word problems, such as the following: A boat that can make forty miles an hour in still water makes a trip of one hundred miles down a certain stream.

    If this trip takes two hours, how long will the return trip take? Answers to all of the test questions above appear at the end of this timeline. The original SAT and successive tests have an "experimental" section which is used to test new questions and question types. The section does not count toward the student's score, but it is not identified as the experimental section, requiring the test taker to apply himself or herself fully to this part of the test as well.

    The experimental section is 30 minutes in length until , when it is reduced to 25 minutes.

    May 7, 2011 SAT Essay Prompts

    The structure of the SAT is shown below. Origin 1. A minor revision of sub-test 1 of the Princeton Test. A minor revision of sub-test 7 of the Princeton Test. A minor revision of sub-test 4 of the Princeton Test. Antonyms practice. A minor revision of sub-test 2 of the Princeton Test , which included both synonyms and antonyms.

    Number Series Completion practice. Developed and standardized by C. Except for question order, identical to sub-test 3 of the Princeton Test.

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    Logical Inference practice. Paragraph Reading practice. These questions were being tested for inclusion in future SATs and did not count toward the student's score.