Automotive service writing training

As you probably already know, making mistakes in those areas can be costly.

Top 15 Service Advisor Myths

There are lot of different variables involved in servicing equipment — from meeting customer expectations to ordering the right parts — which means that there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. Parts may arrive late, techs may run behind schedule or your customers may simply change their mind. So, when something, inevitably, does go wrong, your Service Writer must be able to quickly resolve the problem. If your current Service Writer has blind spots in some of the areas mentioned above, you can help them improve — if, of course, they are willing to do so.

Interested in automotive service advisor training?

So, if you see potential in them, be sure to provide your Service Writer with the right tools and training to guarantee their success. To get started, check out our blog post on how to help your Service Writer leave a great first impression on your customers. See how you compare with other dealers. Join our free 1-hour webinar.

How to Become an Automotive Service Writer

People depend on their vehicles, so they are eager to know how long services are going to take. Additionally, repairs can be expensive, so they want detailed information on costs.

Service Writers assist with both. They provide timeframes on when the car will be ready to pick up. They explain what needs to be done and give a breakdown of what each service will cost. Successful Service Writers enjoy interacting with people.

Course Outcomes

Employers also are seeking candidates with the following skills:. Service Writers often possess a high school diploma or the equivalent. To become a great Service Writer, first be a great reader!

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These four books will help you decide if you are a good match for the occupation and how to improve your skills when you land a Service Writer position. Readers will gain a greater understanding of relationships with consumers, how to measure satisfaction and the importance of loyalty. CBT Automotive Network.

Share on Facebook. Junior Service Advisor It should take six to eight weeks to graduate from a new hire to a junior service advisor.

Full-Fledged Service Advisor Within a year, a new service advisor should be expected to become as efficient as other senior service advisors, or close to it. Maybe, Maybe Not. Please enter your comment!

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Automotive Service Advisor Myths

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