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The Importance of Water Sustainability | Global Environment Facility

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Various technologies for groundwater recharge such as use of dug-wells, ponds, water harvesting structures in drains and rivers should be studied for feasibility. Rainwater harvesting is defined as a method to induce, collect, store and conserve local surface run-off for agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions. Basically, for run-off inducement, vegetation management, surface treatment and chemical treatment are involved.

10 Ways To Save Water

Vegetation management is more effective in areas having an annual rainfall of more than mm. Arid zones are beset with water shortage caused by low annual rainfall. The problem is often overcome by the introduction of irrigation, provided surface or ground water is available.

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An efficient drainage system is necessary to maintain a favourable salt balance for crop growth. Broadly, miro catchment water harvesting and run-off farming water harvesting are the main run-off collection methods. The aim of micro catchment water harvesting strategy is to store sufficient runoff water during the rainy season so as to meet the water requirements of crop growing. Other method is to collect the rain water in small digs and then recycling it. Appropriate water conservation strategies, such as rainwater conservation by terracing slopes and different means of water storage, including underground storage will differ according to the characteristics of the region and are particularly important in arid areas.

Other potential measures include improvements in irrigation management, such as lining canals and using high- efficiency irrigation systems to prevent land degradation through salinization and water-logging.

Essay about Water

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