Role model teacher essay

Five Roles of a Teacher

Aside from sharing your memories, talk about what you did to succeed. This may have included skipping some social occasions to stay in and study, learning how to prioritize your time and reaching out for help when you were stuck. Speak at length about that moment when school was the most difficult, and how you overcame those hurdles.

On the other side, share your good experiences. Speak of the teachers who inspired and helped you to be a better student.

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Strive to help your students see you as someone they can turn to for help. Instead, I ate in my classroom there was always grading to be done , and students were welcome to eat in my room, too. Half the battle in being seen as a resource for your students is to be open and available at the moment when they need the help.

If a child needs more help than you can provide as a role model or a resource, help connect them to someone who can. Being a role model means children will trust your guidance and look to you for support.

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Half the time, people can figure out a problem just by talking about it. S pelman bets on more black teachers, Sept. I suspect Lewis does not mean to suggest that African-American teachers might not dedicate themselves fully to students who look different, or that white or brown teachers would care less about the well-being of students who happen to be black.

Nor, surely, does she mean that African-American teachers would be less capable than white or brown teachers of educating and serving as role models for white or brown students. But you know what?

A lot of white students from challenged communities would benefit from contact with those same teachers, and for many of the same reasons, too. What all kids need are examples of caring adults demonstrating affection, respect when earned, and belief in their futures — and, lest we forget, real expertise and interest in their subject matter, too. Frankly, I think it sounds sensible at first blush to seek teachers who are part of the communities where they teach. But the dream of a much wider, beloved community that helped draw me into teaching is in a sense about the opposite of homogeneity.

Though I did not grow up black or poor, I learned, and eventually was able to help most of my kids understand a bit more not just about their own lives but about lives like mine as well.

Opinion: It isn’t race that makes a teacher the best role model

At the high school where I was fortunate to teach for eleven years, and at schools throughout our state, the beloved community exists, however imperfectly, in many of our classrooms. Yes, it can serve students well to see someone who looks like them serving as a role model at the front of the classroom. I want to see Spelman and every other education school in Georgia turn out rafts of well-educated young or not so young men and women willing to take on the challenge of teaching, and send them to every classroom in the state that needs talent.

And if the urgent needs of so many black students can help motivate more successful black students to be teachers, then more power to them.

Good teachers are needed everywhere, and can help build a better society wherever their talents are put to work. Many of our students already know how to see beneath the skin.