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Thank you for sharing your stories with us. It is a very inspiring story. I grew up in a loving family.

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My parents always support me whatever I did. When my business failed, I lost all my money and their money they put into my business as well and I still have a big loan to repay. I couldn't stop thinking about the bad decision I made that put my whole family into this hard situation. I couldn't overcome the guilt and accept the truth.

My parent still told me that they worried about my health because I am so obsessed with my failure more than money. I felt like I let my parent down for not being strong to face the situation and at the same time, i don't know how to cope with my circumstance. Your article helps me a lot to have courage to go through the hardship i am facing right now. Many businesses fail once or twice before they finally succeed. It is also the perseverence and learning from our mistakes that helps us finally succeed after the failures.

Keep going. You can make it. Mam I have a question this is prathosh from Chennai.

I have posted my story earlier please refer mam. I had suddenly extreme hardships for I can reach sky height level. Thanks Prathosh.

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Fawzy told me at almentor. Tough time really don't last but tough people do. Thanks for the reminder. Being tough is the best thing that we can be right now, my professor Fawzy at almentor used to remind me that thing in life. I like your sharing, i hope i could share as clear and full of hope as you have.

Please keep on the good work. We can all support each other in conversations like this and spread the word of Hope. Nelson Mandela was no hero. He legalized unlimited abortion in South Africa opposed by both black and white citizens there.

Replies to: Can't think of any obstacles/hardships encountered.

He also admitted to his party torturing people and his wife was known for the horrid torture of necklacing. However happy, however sad. I have had such a horrible time from the age of about onwards. If anyone needs guidance on this issue there are plenty of papers and articles on how mindfulness works from some sophisticated sources available online, It might just be the best thing you do today.

Thanks for taking the time to submit a thoughtful comment. Can we learn something from those experiences that helps us going forward. Finding someone to talk to is often helpful in this way. Ensure that children are safe in their homes, schools, and community.

What is the answer to preventing youth and school violence?

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Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Kathryn Seifert Ph. For instance: The neighborhood I grew up in was safe.


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I was always supported by people who loved me. I did well in school and had opportunities to succeed. I had pro-social role models. I received treatment for depression and PTSD. There were many happy events in my life. I kept going, one foot after the other, no matter what. Motivational Speeches Submitted by usmar ali on April 22, - am. Very nice article. Thanks Submitted by Kathryn Seifert Ph. Thank you for your kind response. That is very sad Submitted by Kathryn Seifert Ph. How to accept that you'll never have the life you deserved Submitted by RJ on July 8, - pm.

What can you say about my horrific life result, Dr. I recommend that you also try therapy to bring more satisfaction to your life. Submitted by Anonymous on August 21, - pm. Several factors come into play Submitted by Kathryn Seifert Ph. A valuable sharing and a great modeling of protective factors use!

Submitted by Dr. Joseph Abraham on August 21, - pm. Thanks for allowing us to learn from your own personal life lessons, Dr. Thank you Submitted by Kathryn Seifert Ph. Who says life is tough? Life Submitted by D X on August 22, - am. Life is whatever one makes of it. Life is what one makes of it unless Submitted by Kathryn Seifert Ph.

So if you turned out well, thank whomever supported you when you were growing up. To everything you Submitted by Anonymous on August 25, - pm. To everything you said there. Submitted by Kathryn Seifert Ph. Request your views on this I single handedly faced and won destiny. I am happy you have overcome Submitted by Kathryn Seifert Ph. When the going gets tough Submitted by Nancy Kobrin on August 23, - pm.

Thanking you for writing this,. I Submitted by Anonymous on August 25, - pm. Thank you for your comment Submitted by Kathryn Seifert Ph.

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To the next! Best wishes!! It is an important topic. Watkins on March 24, - am. Submitted by Getgoing on August 18, - pm. While curiosity is healthy otherwise, being curious about the aforementioned things is definitely unhealthy for the body and the mind alike. Trying these things out might later turn into addictions that slowly eat your health up. Most teenagers face the problem of their friends forcing them to try smoking, drinking or going to a party.

Some teens have the unfortunate experience of getting bullied. Strict action and precaution should be taken against the people who bully. Teenagers who get bullied should try and let it not affect them and try to fight back and voice their thoughts out loud, without physically retaliating.

They should also go report to the people with the authority to take action against the people who bully. They should try and get past their scarring experience and try to move on, only to live a better life. Some teenagers get abused, be it domestically, physically, verbally, sexually or emotionally.